Amateur Golfer Blasts Drive Directly Into Crowd Surrounding Tee Box- Bonus Fans Getting Smoked With Golf Balls

I had to do a deep dive to figure out what exactly was going on here. And by deep dive I mean it took me more than a single Google search. I was trying to determine what the fuck was going on here. Why on earth would there be such a deep crowd of fans gathered around an amateur golfer on a Monday afternoon? But then I figured it out. Since we don't do free ads for competitors here at Barstool, I'll make you figure out for yourself who this golfer is (it's really not hard). But in short, he's an amateur golf influencer with a following of a couple million people on Instagram, and I believe he was doing some sort of fan meet up event. Obviously he's doing something right if he can draw a crowd like this.

The game of golf plays so fast and loose with... well... death. They play fast and loose with death. On the PGA Tour, I'm forever shocked at how closely fans line up around the golfers. Even golf legend Tom Kite wasn't immune from a potentially life ending shank.

Still, I can understand it on the Tour. Professional golfers are very good. But to do this for an amateur? Golf fans are insane. If the tee box is a circle, fans will surround 80% of it, leaving a margin of error the size of a bowling lane for the golfer to work with. How do you feel comfortable crowding around the tee box like that? I'd say roughly 99% of golf fans play golf themselves. If you play golf, you should know how the game works. Every drive you hit is liable to go 100 mph in the wrong direction. That's how golf works. That's why it's the most frustrating sport in the world. 

If I hit you with a golf ball once, shame on you. If I hit you with golf ball twice, shame on you again. It's your fault moron. Golf is hard. What about that woman's swing inspired any sort of confidence in her ability to put the ball down the middle of the fairway? Was the first attempted murder not enough to make them move? Surely a person wouldn't hit two bad golf shots in a row…

I think it's a golf problem. Most golfers are delusional. They all think that they're better than they are. Or they at least expect more out of their game than it can consistently deliver. That's why I don't play much anymore. I realized that 80% of my time spent on the course was in a bad mood because I wasn't performing good as I thought I should be, despite the fact that nothing about my past scores suggested I should be shooting whatever number I had deemed acceptable in my head. That's every golfer in the history of time. 


Note: I understand that most people still enjoy the game even when they're playing poorly, and are able to handle their emotions like a grown-up. I just personally turn into a petulant adult-sized child when I'm on the course.

It's like these amateur golf patrons are projecting their own irrational confidence onto whatever amateurs they're spectating.

"Here's the local weatherman on the 14th tee. It looks like he's pulled a slice-proof driver that he purchased from a late night Golf Channel infomercial. He steps up to the ball………… annnd he's killed a old woman."

The craziest part about this golf crowd behavior is that if they just backed up 30 yards, they would still be able to watch the event perfectly fine. They could probably see even better, since they wouldn't have to be leaning over each other to get a glimpse of the 20 handicap golfer hitting 2 tees back of where he should realistically be playing from.

But I suppose as long as it's not happening to me, and nobody gets seriously hurt, I do very much enjoy watching it happen. Golf patroning is a dangerous game. It's not for the faint of heart. Even if you're smart enough to not stand around a tee box, every second your on the course during a golf tournament could be your last. Enjoy this 10 minute compilation of fans getting smoked by golf balls. Stay safe out there patrons. 

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that you never know when you could be struck down by something more than a golf ball.