Revenge Of The ACC: The 2023 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Is Set And The Blue Bloods Are About To Make It Their Bitch

The ACC has always, and will always, been the best conference in lacrosse. Some years the Ivy can keep pace. The Big Ten has been solid for close to a decade at this point. The Big East was great when Syracuse was still there and the Powell brothers were winning national championships hand over foot. 

But college lacrosse has always belonged to the ACC. But in 2022, the ACC was only a 1-bid conference to the tournament after Duke and Notre Dame were snubbed and left on the bubble. Meanwhile 6 out of the 7 Ivy League teams made the tournament. It was wild, and it clearly put teams like Duke and Notre Dame into "fuck you" mode this season looking for revenge. 

Because heading into the 2023 NCAA men's lacrosse tournament, the top 3 seeds are 1) Duke, 2) Virginia, and 3) Notre Dame. The 4th seed in the tournament? A team that realistically should have stayed in the ACC forever, Maryland. 

And chances are that'll be the group you see in Philadelphia for Memorial Day Weekend in the final four. There might be a couple upsets on deck for the first round of the tournament that gets underway this Saturday, but there's a chance that Final Four just ends up being the unofficial ACC Tournament this year. And if somehow it's not the 1-4 seeds, then maybe you can see Johns Hopkins upset Notre Dame in the quarterfinals to make the blood at championship weekend an extra shade of blue. 

Everything you need to know heading into the tournament is in this latest episode of The Crease Dive, and we'll be back on Thursday with a first round picks and preview show. 


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