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Robert DeNiro Goes Full 'Dirty Grandpa' and Fathers His 7th Baby at Age 79

Source - 79-year-old Robert De Niro is proof you can still make some serious life changes even in your later years -- like havin' babies, for example -- which is what he recently did!

Here's the deal -- the legendary actor dropped the baby bombshell in a recent interview with ET Canada's Brittnee Blair, who brought up to him the fact that he's got 6 kiddos ... 

Turns out, that list is getting a little bit longer -- shockingly he corrected her by adding "Seven actually ... I just had a baby." ...

It's unclear who gave birth to baby #7.

However, in March he was seen out with rumored GF, Tiffany Chen, and as they made their way to their car you can hear someone say, "Hey guys, c'mon, she's pregnant."

Just to address the elephant in the room and take last things first, this Tiffany Chen is tough to track down. Either because she doesn't have much of a social media presence, or is a victim of having a common first name and a common last name, so she's lost in a forest of Tiffany Chens. So the limits of my ability to find her is to swim with the bottom feeders who stand outside restaurants to capture footage of entertainers. And do a shit job of even that scumbag task:

Whether she's the mother of the man's seventh baby is neither here nor there. Let's not bury the lede any further and state the obvious: Robert DeNiro fucks. Well, so it would seem. He's well past the age where you could understand a man struggling to slip the puck past the goaltender, Bobby D just lit the lamp yet again. A one-timer right into the netting. And regardless of whether or not it's advisable to be raw-dogging at an age when the actuarial tables say it's a coin flip you'll live to see DeNiro Part VII off to 1st grade, we still need to honor this great actor's mighty testicles for not knowing the meaning of the word "retirement." 

A thespian of his talent would no doubt know Shakespeare referred to this stage of life DeNiro finds himself in as:

       Last scene of all,
       That ends this strange eventful history,
       Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
       Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

Well someone forgot to tell his penis. Because it's still in a prime that began sometime around Taxi Driver and continues to this day. Even as DeNiro the actor is now about a quarter of a century into the self-parody part of his career that began with The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle and Analyze This in the late 90s, and continued right through to the Bad Grandpa films. Hell, even the roles he's had in serious films, like Silver Linings Playbook, The Irishman and Joker, were just him recycling his earlier, quality work from back when he was still pushing himself as an artist. So I guess it's only fitting that he'd steer into the skid of his professional work by doing utterly ridiculous things like spreading his geriatric seed as he's approaching the 18th green of life. 

The ironic thing is that sex scenes were never a big part of his films. Sure, Jake LaMotta made out with his wife in Raging Bull. Max Cady came close to seducing the Juliette Lewis character in Cape Fear. And as Travis Bickle he took a young Cybill Shepard to a porn theater, but she stormed out and broke up with him on the spot. But by and large, DeNiro made a name for himself beating the bag out of guys or just being generally terrifying. Even playing an honest cop in Midnight Run (Goodfellas aside, possibly the most entertaining movie on his resume), he cut an intimidating figure. And not at all the guy you'd picture showing his O-face to some fertile, pre-menopausal woman when he's 79. 

But then again, he did sort of tip us off about what an old horndog he'd become. The interplay between him and Aubrey Plaza should've been a dead giveaway:

So … congrats are in order? I guess? At least until Baby DeNiro No. 8 comes along.

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