Normal: Texans Team Owner Had To Deny That Him And His His Wife Forced The Front Office To Draft CJ Stroud

[Source] -  Texans owner Cal McNair said Monday that neither he nor his wife, Hannah, forced his team's front office to draft Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud.

"Hannah and I don't make the picks. We'll make it clear there," McNair said during the 20th annual Houston Texans Charity Golf Classic. "We have a great group of scouts led by Nick [Caserio] and James Lippert, and they did a lot of work on the draft board, and then they followed that on draft day, and they moved up when they saw the value was there and moved back."

There was speculation that the McNairs forced Caserio, the team's general manager, and coach DeMeco Ryans to select a quarterback since the Texans' quarterbacks posted the worst QBR in the NFL last season.

I'll be honest, this feels like one of those things where it's why would you say that if it's true? I didn't really see anyone talking about Cal McNair and his wife forcing the Texans to drafting CJ Stroud 2nd overall. At least not on a national stage. When I started reading Texans stuff after this quote it seems to be a lot of the same attitude. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but him saying it makes everyone start to think he did force them into drafting Stroud 2nd. 

It's also one of those things, like uh who cares if he did because we don't know if CJ Stroud is worth it or not yet. Save this quote for if Stroud sucks. Save some face. Whoa guys it wasn't us! We let you guys make the pick, now you're fired because of it. But if Stroud works out, McNair can't take any credit. Them be the rules. 

But, I mean, shit, this is a good way to take away from the Draft. I think I saw most people like what the Texans did in getting Stroud and Will Anderson at 2 and 3. I mean you got your quarterback - who knows if Stroud will be good, it's all a fucking crapshoot here. You got the defensive stud that many people thought/think of as the No. 1 prospect in the class. 

Like I said though, there's no point in really saying it this way. It's like telling your significant other you didn't plan the trip to the strip club, you just went along because everyone else went. No positive spin comes from it. Just keep saying he'll be better than Davis Mills. That's what you're going for here.