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Will Poulter's Biggest Regret Is Bombing His Audition For 'The Internship'

On the last ep of LCB we talked some news, reviewed the best MCU movie of the last few years and interviewed one of the stars of the movie, Will Poulter. This was actually our second time interviewing him and you would not believe what happened the first time. Within 24 hours of wrapping, he was announced as Adam Warlock in one of the biggest MCU pops of the year. We gave him a little shit for not letting his new best friends know ahead of time and also got into the weeds. 

On top of that, I also asked him what the one role he wished he got was and was very surprised to hear that it was Vince Vaughn's 'The Internship'. He auditioned for the role of Graham Hawtrey, the British antagonist that the fellas compete against. He went into it with 3 pages worth of scenes and when he thought he had wrapped, Vince hit him with a "Uhhh are you gonna do page 4?". One problem: Will did not know there was four pages. So as he went into the hallway to go over the page, Max Minghella went in. Will had to hear Minghella crush his audition and, needless to say, get the part. 

He told us a bunch of other fun stuff about guardians, Arsenal and more and I would highly reccomend watching just to hear that handsome lad chat it up.