A Corgi Has Accurately Predicted All 4 Games Of Lakers-Warriors, So I Have No Choice But To Tail It For The Rest Of The Series

Look, I know there are plenty of ways to make your bets. You can grind some film like an NBA coach, trust the data like Steven Cheah, or think outside the box to try and beat the house. I personally don't have know ball enough to see the game like Erik Spoelstra sees it and looking at huge strings of numbers in an Excel sheet make me feel like I'm lost in the Matrix. 

Which is why I am choosing to think outside the box by betting with the cute ass corgi that may have psychic powers located in its nose. Guessing one game of a series is whatever. Hitting two in a row is like flipping a coin on heads twice. It can happen. Three is where you get my attention and have me wondering if there is some sort of magic taking place. But once you go four for four in game predictions, you are my new basketball guru.

Again, this may not be one of the more traditional methods. But I studied the film THEN crunched the numbers and they both say this corgi hasn’t missed a single game yet. Which is why I have no choice but to tail this pooch (Nice dog pun, Clem) the rest of the way. I don't even care that this corgi has done this with a bunch of other NBA and NHL series to varying degrees of success. Steph Flurry is clearly dialed in on the Warriors-Lakers series and if its cute face says that LeBron is about to have the script flipped on him as he loses a series to the Warriors after going up 3-1, I have no choice but to responsibly bet the Warriors Moneyline on the Barstool Sportsbook for the next three games.