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Mishel Gerzig Delivered A Masterclass On How To Prepare To Watch A Real Madrid Champions League Semifinal Match

I know, I know. This isn't necessarily taken the day of Real Madrid's Champions League semifinal match against Manchester City today. But the point still stands. I say it all the time - sports fans are superstitious people. We believe in good juju. We believe in wearing lucky shirts, sitting in the right seat, all that stuff. At least normal sports fans feel that way.

But we're talking about Mishel Gerzig here. She's more than just a normal sports fan. She's engaged to Real Madrid keeper Thibaut Courtois. Do you know what sort of nerves that would have to be? I'd never want to be a goalie. I'd never want a family member to be a goalie. They get all the heat, even if they only make one mistake during a match. Sure, it might be a backbreaking mistake that leads to a 1-0 loss, but they have their mistakes amplified.

So what do you do to prepare to watch your fiancee take on an alien in Erling Haaland? You hang out naked in a tub. You eat some pizza: 

Maybe pizza is her good luck charm. There's a little too much green (see: any green) on that pizza for my liking, but I won't yell at her about that. Just go with a simple pepperoni pizza. Tough to beat a good pepperoni pizza. But again, your fiancee has to deal with KDB and Haaland, which I still think is cheating to have them on the same team. Real Madrid is +225 to win today at the Barstool Sportsbook. You gotta find the good juju somehow. Hopefully it's a beautiful day for Mishel's sake.