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The Excuse Train For The Knicks Officially Has Gotten Out Of Hand; Mike Greenberg Says The Weather In Miami Is Zapping The Energy Out Of The Knicks Even Though Basketball Is Played Inside

This is where I draw the line. The Knicks needs to just forfeit at this point because were talking about the weather!? They took a 2 hour flight to Miami to enjoy beautiful weather while it's also fucking nice in New York. How does nice weather zap energy out of you? Only time it can do that is if you are drinking on the beach, which I hope the Knicks aren't doing that considering they are in Miami for business. Anyway, the answer to that question above is that "Yes the Knicks are completely done".

Can you imagine people were defending the Lakers like this? The Internet would explode. This is the saddest it has ever been for the Knicks, which is saying something. It was all cute and fun when the Knicks would win a game and 7th avenue would shut down because a bunch of their lunatic fans would go outside. But now the Heat want it more and the weather is apparently too nice for the Knicks. 

At this point we just have to chalk it up that the Knicks suck. They are missing one more big piece to this team along with some more veteran presence. They better figure it out quickly if they want to make this a series because this is getting embarrassing. Luckily for the Knicks, it's expected to be 10-15 degrees cooler tomorrow in New York City than it was in Miami, so hopefully their energy won't be zapped before an elimination game!