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Adam Silver And Rob Manfred Should NOT Rig Their Leagues' Drafts For The White Sox And Bulls Like The NHL Just Did For The Hawks

Last night, the Blackhawks locked up the first pick in the 2023 draft and the rights to draft Connor Bedard, much to the chagrin of my good friends Ryan and Scott:

Awesome! Love me a good ol' draft rigging, and as the most diehard fairweather Blackhawks fan on earth, I can't wait to watch this Bedard kid this fall. He's fucking SICK: 

Look at this silky mitts. That absolute rifle of a clapper. And that speed though!!! My goodness that speed!!!  

And again, lots of people are pissed off and saying the lottery was rigged: 

Rigged or not - and I don't ACTUALLY think it is - it's pretty fucking tight this generational superstar is in gonna be in Chicago. Some of the most fun years I've had as a sports fan were jumping on the Hawks' bandwagon back when they were awesome 2008-2015 or whatever it was. Sign me the FUCK up for something, anything I can rally behind. Obviously that's a sad statement as someone who doesn't know the first thing about hockey, but it's the unfortunate truth. 

And now we got a lot of Chicago fans (jokingly, obviously) clamoring for Adam Silver to rig the NBA draft lottery and Rob Manfred to rig the newly instituted MLB draft lottery in the Bulls and Sox favors, two things that should make me very happy, and believe me…I need sports happiness in my life in a bad way right now. 

But I would like to make this very clear though: Jerry Reinsdorf doesn't deserve having two of his teams get the 1st pick in their leagues' respective drafts. FUCK THAT. We fans do, absolutely. That'd be one good thing that went out way in a sea of perpetual shittiness. We live tortured lives as fans. There's z.e.r.o. excuse for two teams in the 3rd largest media market in the country to perennially be mediocre as fuck or worse year over year like Jerry's two clubs are. 

It truly makes me sick to my stomach. 

Would I love a shot at Dylan Crews or Paul Skenes for the Sox? Or that 8' tall PG for the Bulls? Yep. Not only would it be great as a fan, we also have some financial scratch in Chicago teams being good. In this hypothetical rigging, the man that's the main reason for mediocre or worse doesn't deserve to have people go out of his way to do something that would be (extremely) good for his two organizations though. He'd just fuck them up like he fucks everything up

Giphy Images.

And if either/or/both orgs do luck into the 1st pick and do luck into a championship, he won't deserve that because he didn't do it the right way. I truly believe that in my heart of hearts. We fans sure as fuck do. He doesn't. Just like a lot of fans think the Hawks don't deserve it for what they've done over the last 5 years or so. 

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