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Julius Randle Admitting 'The Heat Want It More' Is Everything That's Currently Wrong With This Knicks Team

What the fuck man? I mean, I know he's just sort of rambling, but you can't fucking say this. Not when everyone in the world is questioning your effort. Not when everyone in the world is back to square 1 with 'okay what do we do with Julius Randle now?' I said it last night and I'll say it again. Yes, Randle was bad, but this was every single person on the Knicks. The effort in a must-win game was some of the most bullshit I've seen in a long, long time. 

Want it more? The FUCK you mean want it more? I simply can't wrap my head around this answer. I want to just be like yeah he's being sarcastic or yeah he's just rambling, but you said the exact problem that can't be a problem. Want it more! We're in the second round for the first time in a decade plus homecourt advantage. Want it more? What the hell is this man? 

As for what to do with Randle? I'm lost. I would always defend him, saying he can't be a No. 1 guy but he fits the game. Brunson came in and helped show that. But are you paying that much for Randle as a 3, plus needing to find someone else as a 2? And don't get me wrong, it's more than Randle. RJ Barrett needs to figure out a lot. Injuries aren't great, but not enough of an excuse to cover up the 30% 3pt shooting. 

Randle should be catching blame right now. He's the All-Star. He's the guy who turned himself into a good enough player to be here but it also means you better show up in the playoffs - hurt or not. The body language from Randle (and basically everyone outside of Brunson) is awful. They look like they gave up. They look like they are done playing with each other. Is that a Randle thing? A Thibs thing? Probably a Thibs thing. We know the story with him and his teams. But either way, you can't say this shit. 

Want it more? How the hell can that happen in game 4 of the playoffs?