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These Reports Of All The Teams (Colts, Ravens, Panthers) That Would Have Drafted Will Levis Earlier Are Just Sad At This Point

Feel like this sort of report comes out every year with the person who slides a bit in either the NFL or NBA Draft. Oh these teams would have drafted him earlier if they didn't have this person available. Well, they still could have drafted Levis! The Titans could have taken him at 11 and not 33. The Ravens still could have taken him at 22 in case they thought Lamar would not play. The Panthers traded up to No. 1 for a reason. Come on, they were looking at 1 person there and that was Bryce Young.

I say it's sad at this point, because who cares? Levis had his moment where he slid from a projected top-10 pick to the 2nd round and number 33. You think he wants to hear about all the money he could have had if he was drafted earlier: 

[Source] - Once considered a candidate for the No. 1 overall pick, Levis' four-year rookie contract has a projected value of $9.54 million with a $3.94 million signing bonus. For comparison, Colts draft pick Anthony Richardson, a QB from Florida who was on par with Levis in most draft rankings, is projected to earn $33.99 million with a $21.72 million signing bonus.

The final pick of the first round, Chiefs rookie defensive end Felix Anudike-Uzomah, was selected two spots ahead of Levis and his contract has a projected value of $11.81 million with a $5.59 million signing bonus.

Obviously he still has life-changing money, but come on, you're telling me you wouldn't want the extra $18 million signing bonus? Something tells me we all would. Shit, even if he went last in the first round that's an extra $1.5 million bonus. I'm not one to turn down $1.5 million. That's just me though. 

Brandon and Jack talked about it a little bit here: 

I'll add this to what Brandon was saying. You need to have some context when talking about Levis' stats. Yes, they weren't impressive. But Kentucky is a run-first team. The biggest problem with Levis (outside of this toe injury) is his consistency. He makes throws that look like an NFL player and 1st round pick. But then he'll stare down a screen or slant and get it jumped or just miss wildly. That can't happen at the NFL, let alone SEC football. 

And to be clear, Levis hasn't been publicly sulking or anything like that. He's too busy hitting moon shots. 

I just have a hard time believing these reports when these teams could have drafted him. It's not like every team passed on him for another quarterback. The Panthers and Colts did, but also the Panthers knew who they were taking right away at number 1. I just don't need these reports. Draft me or not.