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The Clip Of Patrick Kane Talking About Connor Bedard With Pat Boyle Gives Me CHILLLS

Kaner just knows hockey. He can't even contain himself talking about Bedard. That smile just leaks out. Probably the only time he smiled in that entire interview was when he was talking about Bedard. 

People who want to look for weaknesses in Bedard's game always say how he doesn't have McDavid speed. Well, no shit. Nobody does. Kane's point was perfectly said though...Bedard's ability to move laterally is part of his toolkit that makes him incredibly special. The way he uses his edges to just walk around guys is wild. You can see it here in these two clips

He's so shifty with the puck on his stick. He can create separation and all he needs is like 6 inches of separation to get his shot off. It's edgework and then bardown before you even know what happened. His release is incredible. I can't seem to find it now, but there's a clip of Nate MacKinnon saying that Bedard has the best release in the world. Better than anyone in the NHL. HE IS SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD!!!!

There's going to be a learning curve as he steps into the fastest league with bigger, stronger, players, but there are things Bedard can do that will allow him to be productive immediately. He's going to be sensational. He's going to be fun. He's a franchise player and if people tell you otherwise you can tell them to shut the hell up. 

I've had a million people ask me about Kane and a possible return...I don't think it will happen. I don't agree with that thinking. The Blackhawks need to sign veterans to insulate their young guys. They need guys who are capable of playing with a talent like Bedard. There's not many guys like that out there. The Blackhawks also have plenty of money. Never say never I guess, but my read is that it's 95% no based on what Davidson said when they announced Toews wasn't returning.