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Rivalry (Maybe) Back On: Reports Say Messi Has A 'Done Deal' To Join Al-Hilal In Saudi Arabia, His Father Says Everything Is Fake News

[Source] - Lionel Messi's sensational big-money move to Saudi Arabia from Paris Saint-Germain this summer is a 'done deal', according to reports in France.

Veteran Messi, 35, widely seen as the world's best footballer, will sign a massive contract worth £522million at Saudi side Al-Hilal despite the reported concerns of his wife Antonela Roccuzzo.

The move will see him reignite his rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Al-Hilal's rivals Al-Nassr in the controversial Gulf state. 

Another day, another Messi rumor. This time though we're hearing the words 'done deal' and $657 million contract. Not exactly shocking to see someone accept that, even if it's Saudi fucking Arabia. That said, Fabrizio (the No. 1 guy, puts Shams/Woj to shame) still says nothing is happening: 

At least not yet at least. I mean, Messi does have his contract at PSG until July 1. He's come out and said he won't make his mind up until after then, but that also doesn't mean he won't verbally agree to something. I'm guessing that's where we're at in this whole Messi to Saudi Arabia thing. 

It's also not shocking that Saudi Arabia wants Messi. It's kind of their whole brand - you know, overpay a bunch of athletes so people talk about that and not uh what we'll label 'other things.' Meanwhile you have Ronaldo and opposing staff members getting into a disagreement over a selfie:

Hey, I'd be upset too if I just tied the 14th placed Saudi Pro League team while also finding out Messi is going to make double my contract. It does suck it's in Saudi Arabia though. No one wants this shit. Put Messi in the MLS like the other greats. Let Ronaldo do whatever, but Messi belongs in the MLS. Put him in Miami like the rumor had been. 

$657 million is so much fucking money. Like we talk about normal ass people getting some money, but does a guy doubling his net worth when he's already worth that much money change you? I'm legit asking because I can't imagine it. What's another $100 million to a guy worth $600 million? There's nothing out of your price range already, right? Maybe your kid's grandkid will thank you one day that nothing is out of his price range, but that's so much fucking money.