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Giant Prehistoric Sharks, Dinosaurs, And Jason Statham - The Trailer For The Meg 2: The Trench May Very Well Be The Greatest Three Minutes Of Video Ever Put Together

I know what you're thinking and I feel the same way. Stop the fight because this is your upcoming Best Picture winner at the Oscars. I know Oppenheimer has a great cast and all that, but that's just about a bomb. This? This is cinema. 

Did you see the T-Rex get eaten by the Megalodon? 

Okay back to Earth for a second, it's fun when a movie like this refuses to take itself seriously. You think if we found these sharks in real life we'd send a diving team down there to check 'em out? Float around in some submarines to give the fellas a wave? Heavens no, we'd be nuking the ocean until there were no more nukes left. 

It's a movie about giant prehistoric sharks wreaking havoc on society. Realism? Who needs it when you have Jason Statham stopping a 75+ foot, 40 ton shark with his foot? Why do you think he was doing all those pull-ups? To fight the sharks, duh.

You may be wondering why they showed so much in the trailer. Okay you're probably not wondering that, but in case you are I ask what else you want to see? You're certainly not watching this movie for the plot, any twists or character development. I mean Jason Statham was riding a wave on a jetski with a spear in his hand ready to fight a giant prehistoric shark. The opening scene has a T-Rex getting devoured on the beach by said shark. This is basically Fast and Furious in the ocean with some Cocaine Bear mixed in.

This looks like quite possibly the dumbest, most ridiculous movie in the history of film. And with that I'm completely in. Opening night I'm there no questions asked. Pop in a gummy, order the largest popcorn they have, and let my brain leave this planet for a few hours. Cinema is back.