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Gamer: Gary Payton II Threw Up In His Mouth Mid-Play, But Held It In To Finish Out The Defensive Possession

Harry How. Getty Images.

Steve Kerr made an adjustment before Monday night's Game 4 with the insertion of Gary Payton II into the Warriors starting lineup. Overall so far he's played well, but his most impressive feat on the court tonight did not involve the basketball.  

Turns out there was a reason Draymond Green thought there was going to be someone on the wing on this errant pass. 

Yeah GP2 just walked off the floor mid-play, but why? His Paul Pierce moment? Just watch. 

That's up there with one of the worst situations to find yourself in. Public setting, puke in mouth, nowhere to go. Now usually this would happen in a bar after someone hands you a shot of something you're mistaken about. Nightmare fuel. Well, this happened on an NBA court in a playoff game while on defense. You can't yell out to your teammates or coaches that you have puke in your mouth because that's then coming out everywhere. I guess he didn't want to take a foul there because well, it's the playoffs and every possession matters. Gary Payton II's brain was put in an absolute pretzel here. He decided to be a gamer, tough it out, pray his guy didn't get the ball, and then made a b-line for the tunnel. Amazing he held it in as long as he did. I kinda wish his man got the ball to see if he would have just thrown up on the dude. Is that a foul? 

You have no choice but to respect the move, but the funny thing is that him playing hero ball there actually resulted in a turnover on the other end. Should have just let it go and got the free timeout.  

As I publish this he's got 15 points on 7-9 shooting. Good call by Kerr to make the change. 

Great finish on TNT if you're still up like me.