This changes everything. The rebuild goes into to warp speed now. The Blackhawks have their cornerstone. Every rebuild needs a franchise player. A true superstar that changes the expectations for the entire organization. That's difference between picking 5th and picking 1st in a draft where a generational talent is there. You have to be lucky at the right time and the Blackhawks got EXTREMELY lucky. Bedard was the only guy in the draft guaranteed to be on an NHL roster opening night and probably one of only two guys talented enough to be the best player on the eventual best team. Those types of guys are EXTREMELY difficult to find. 

Credit to Kyle Davidson for pursuing something meaningful. He could've kept DeBrincat and brought back everyone from the disaster 2021-22 season, added a couple guys like Domi, brought up Reichel earlier and probably made a wild card. He wasn't interested in that. He had the audacity to dream big and believe in himself and his staff and he was rewarded with a true superstar prospect.

The Blackhawks already had a top 5 prospect pool in the league heading into the night. Bedard makes that group the #1 and nobody else is even close to 2nd place. That is how good he is. The work isn't done for Davidson and crew because now the Blackhawks have to surround their star with the right pieces. They currently have Bedard at the 1st pick, they also own #19, #35, #44, #52, and #58. That is a whopping SIX picks in the first two rounds. They need to find a few guys to play with their new super star.

The Blackhawks won't be good next year, but they will be fun. Bedard gives you a reason to tune in every night and show up to the United Center. Korchinski is going to be in the NHL next year. Kaiser probably will be too. A full year of Reichel. A full year of Vlasic. Then the Cavalry starts to come the following year. It's coming together. In the meantime we will be able to watch teenager do things literally nobody else in the NHL can do. It's a great time to be a Blackhawks fan. We can have fun again