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We Unleashed KB And Let KB Wrestle People In The Office But One Unlikely Alpha Male Surprised Us All

KB has long said that he loves contact and missed just grappling with his pals on the mats. Well today we sent him out to take on anyone that walked by. 

While Max was a good sport and put up a good fight, we had a mixed bag when it came to everyone else.

Then KB was thinking of people he would like to take down and the name Meek Phill came up. Phill is one of the main twitter social guys and is quick as a whip. But he's self-described as meek, which means:

quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive.

And yes, it may just be a play on Meek Mill, but he showed up to the studio today and was about to make KB's day a nightmare.

Phill's social brethren raced to his support.

Today's entire show was awesome, check it out here: