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After 7 Dropouts There's Finally An Opponent For One Of My Favorite New Boxers Fighting Tonight

We got Rough N' Rowdy 21 coming up this Friday night along with the RNR21 Four Loko Weigh-Ins with yours truly at 7 pm on Thursday, so it's about to be a hell of a week. But I was a bit worried we weren't going to see my guy Joseph, the cop from Georgia, who walked into RNR20 and absolutely dominated the scene effortlessly. So much so, that RNR couldn't find an opponent for him until today. 

7 guys agreed to fight him and then all 7 dropped out for reasons "unknown" over the past few weeks. I think I may have an idea why though.

Don't mean to gush about this guy but he's a goddamn brick shithouse and puts in the work that needs to be done. If I had it my way I'd put him against the Appaplacihan Assassin right now for the Super Heavyweight belt, that would be beyond a brutal brawl. Maybe we'll see that for 5 rounds in August if he gets to 2-0 on May 12th. There's no matchup poster or video yet but here's a peak at their tale of the tape, 

Joseph 6'3'' 225 lbs VS The Hammer 6'6'' 300 lbs

You're either a maniac or a tough motherfucker to accept a 75 lb difference in a fight you need to win but maybe my guy is both. Either way I can't wait to see him throw down on BuyRNR.com and have a reunion at the weigh-in Thursday at 7 pm. See you there