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3rd Generation Dwarf Wrestler Siblings Aim To Take Over The Boxing World TONIGHT

2 of my favorite fighters in recent Rough N' Rowdy memory are coming back for RNR21 this Friday. "Beautiful" Bobbie Jo and her brother Dylan "Heartbreaker" Tovey have made a big impression in their careers so far and these matches coming up could create plenty of possibilities moving forward. What they may lack in pure boxing skill they make up for in righteous athleticiscm that's always on display. Likely because they're 3rd generation pro wrestlers and also aren't afraid of the bright lights. Look at these moves!

After Dylan Tovey won at RNR17 he was set up to face the BMFD champion Jeremy "Dynamite" Smith until Dylan broke his wrist in a wrestling match. Now nearly 1 year later he's back in a #1 contender spot for an immediate title belt opportunity in August if he can pull it off against "Baby" CJ Williams. Would be pretty wild to see Jeremy Smith's raw power in a 5 round matchup. Not sure anyone on earth could beat him in that. 

And as for his sister Bobbie Jo, she's primed for a championship opportunity no doubt. The only question is, if she beats "Lil Dynamite" who can we find that can keep up with her speed, her ferocity, her training? I see the power of belief! And if Bobbie wins on Friday night we should absolutely find a worthy opponent for a title belt brawl in August. 

Gotta make it past May 12th first though! The full fight card order should be out soon but after taking a long look at it during Ref N' Robbie this week I have no doubt this will be an all-time show. The violence & madness should be at an all-time high. Order with 48 hour replay on BuyRNR.com!