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People Are NOT Happy With The Orioles City Connect Jerseys

Everyone knows that no one likes any uniform that gets unveiled on Twitter, it's a universally known thing. These Orioles City Connects are no different. They were leaked online this afternoon and you'd have thought Cal Ripken Jr's statue at the ballpark had been taken down. People HATE these. 

But I'll be honest, I think they are okay. They aren't the best, but they aren't garbage. I'd rather them stick with something safe and plain over something wayyyy over the top. And listen here, no one loves the MD flag more than me.....but I don't need the Orioles uniforms to be covered in them. They did that a few years ago for Maryland day and they were sick, but they already did them. We don't need crabs all over them either, they went the safe route and I think they hit a single. Not a homer, not close to one, but I think they are fine.

I get why people don't like them, they wanted the jerseys to POP. They wanted them to really grab your attention and these don't. Every unoriginal person online has made the comparison to the Great Britain WBC jerseys. We have the color on the collar that is also going to be the socks. I hope those colors are also going down the side of the pants in some stripe formation. 

But again, I understand why people aren't fans of them. They wanted something flashy, or something that actually connects to the city and isn't just white "Baltimore" letters on a black jersey, I get it. But I'm sure when we get the official unveiling uniform it will explain stuff and the dots will be connected. They wanted "Charm City" somewhere on the jersey which would have been cool too. This fanbase also hates anything that the team does so I wasn't surprised. I just think they are one, I don't hate them but I'm not in love with them. Excited to see what the hat looks like as well. I'm also willing to bet they will look much better on the field than on a table in a picture, so we will wait to see that. 

Buck had always wanted a "B" on the hats, specifically on the road and it looks like he's getting his wish even though he's in New York. You can see the "B" on the bottom part of the jersey on the tag with the line "YOU CAN'T CLIP THESE WINGS" which is kinda corny, but again its from a promo video that the Orioles put out last year. Bottom line is these are not the best and not the worst. Def could have connected more to the actual city but that's just how the cookie crumbles. I bet they look better on the field though, at least I hope they pop. I wonder who has more control on design and stuff like that, is it the ball club or Nike? It has to be Nike, right?