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Hasbulla Has Been Arrested

20 year old viral sensation/small person/MMA lover/the most famous person in the history of the world Hasbulla, has been arrested. It does not appear there are any more details on this aside from what is listed in this particular tweet.

I'm new to the Hasbulla beat here at Barstool Sports. How do we all feel about him? Am I allowed to shit on him, or is he untouchable? All I know about him is that he is funny looking small gentleman, and allegedly has some not very chill views on woman and cats. 

But I think that all might still be allowed when you live in Makhachkala, Dagestan. Also, since he's teeny-tiny, everything he says is so non-threatening that I think we're kind of letting it slide. But I'm also fairly certain Hasbulla has a gangs of shooters, so he can probably be as dangerous as he'd like.

All we seem to know at this point is that Hasbulla has been arrested for a traffic violation. He was at a wedding with friends, where Hasbulla and his friends drove out in to the street, and started interfering with other drivers. He was arrested and promptly released.

I can't find any information on what type of vehicle Hasbulla was driving. I'm sure that will come out soon. But Hasbulla typically drives miniature cars, and ATV type vehicles. It sounds like he was driving something of that nature, based on the way the report says, "He was interfering with traffic."

Ironically enough, in Hasbulla's Sundae Conversation interview with Caleb Pressley, he said he would like to become the Minister of Internal Affairs, so he could change the stupid Dagestanian traffic laws.

I appreciate Hasbulla's effort to disguise his desire to speed with zero consequences, as a well thought-out point. I like how he said he would lower speed limits in the city as a trade off for raising it on the highway, eliminating traffic cameras, and allowing full-tint windows. He should probably add, "make interfering with traffic while in a cute tiny vehicle legal" to that list of changes. He so god damn big over there (big as in popular, not size), that I wouldn't be surprised if he could make it happen. 

I'm sure more details about the arrest will surface soon. Although it all sounds fairly tame. In the meantime, enjoy some Hasbulla videos. The internet fucking loves this shit.

UPDATE: Since this blog was originally written, Hasbulla has issued a formal apology that states, "That won't happen again, people we apologise. We had to answer for it a little bit."

A formal statement from the Dagestan Internal Affairs has released a long statement as well.

The Sun - It wrote: "Unbridled wedding fun in Dagestan is known to many and far beyond the borders of the republic.

"In the absence of other ways of entertainment, such a primitive option is still extremely popular - blocking roads for other road users, burning rubber, smashing cars against each other and many other features that, in fact, have nothing to do with the celebration and holiday of the young.

"Unless, of course, there are no misfortunes, because otherwise the holiday will be spoiled for the young.

"All participants of "wedding emotions", as they themselves call it, were taken to the police, and in relation to them, employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan drew up administrative protocols for all violations.

"The number of operators of this show is noteworthy. Not every film studio can boast of such a number of operators.

"This is probably dictated by a great desire to perpetuate their achievements in the eyes of posterity."

This picture as also been released. Hasbulla is the short one.