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Look At this Freak of a Pigeon

Look at this fucking pigeon. This is the type of pigeon that rolls up and takes all the pigeon hoes. If you are a pigeon and this guy rolls up to your pigeon nest you better hide your wife because your birdshit compared to this dude. 

But seriously, people bred pigeons to look like this. 

Like dogs or other domestic creatures, there are a wide variety of breeds, shapes and sizes. These guys were actually bred to be horny as hell.

These birds are so attractive that a breed known as the Horseman Thief Pouter steals and retrieves wild pigeons and other fancier’s pigeons back to their loft with its good looks and wooing. Possibly as far back as the 17th century, the Horseman Thief Pouter was developed to have a high sex drive, to be nimble in flight, possess a strong homing instinct, and the ability and intent to seduce other pigeons. Generally speaking, Pouter breeds are very promiscuous and the Horseman Pouter is even more so. This type of selective breeding makes for entertaining birds in the loft, show pen, and flying around the yard.

These pigeons were literally bred to go steal other pigeons' girlfriends and bring them back to the roost. I mean, there is a whole crazy pigeon breeding, showing and racing scene that doesn't get that much attention. This documentary is crazy. About a guy who shows pigeons. Cool stuff. 

These Scottish dudes' accents are so thick you can't understand them without subtitles, and they randomly start making pigeon noises. The practice is hilarious because they train their pigeons to try to seduce a rival pigeon owner's pigeons to lure them back to their house to keep them. 

The relationship between a “dooman” and his “doo” has the elements of a passion-fueled romance—seduction, the thrill of the chase, and an ending of either heartbreak or joy.

“Doo” is a colloquial term in Scotland for pigeon—the Horseman Thief Pouter to be exact— a breed which has a unique gift for luring a pouter pigeon of the opposite sex back to its home base to mate. A “dooman” (most practioners of this sport are male, though there are some "doowomen" as well) is the human who spends hours, sometimes to the consternation of spouses or others who might want their attention, scanning the skies to see if a rival has one of his doos out, or primping and preparing his own doo for flight.

Wild world of Pigeon people.