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F1 Fans Are Very Disappointed With Irina Shayk For Not Wearing Pants To A Race, Shame On Her!

Irina Shayk is being slammed her her “inappropriate” Formula 1 race day outfit.

The supermodel, 37, left little to the imagination, wearing a sheer black dress to the Miami Grand Prix over the weekend, immediately drawing backlash from racing fans.

“Not the right outfit for a race ,” one follower wrote in the comments section.

Another chimed in, “Dress normal for some occasions, it’s so inappropriate for a race.”

Doesn't anyone have any respect for Formula 1 anymore?? "Fast cars, fast women" MY ASS! Irina Shayk should at the VERY LEAST, be wearing pants. If it were up to US, the F1 fans, she'd be wearing a moo-moo so she can't distract any of the drivers, OR the audience. We need all eyes on the race, heads in the game. HAVE A LITTLE DECORUM!

(Hilarious tweet btw. "pit pussies" LOL)

To make matters worse, it seems like Irina NEVER wants to wear pants. Look how many times she forgot them. Shame!!!!!!