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The $42 Wagyu Steak Sandwich at the F1 Race Left Some Room For Improvement


Hahaha, oh dear. That's really all you can say when you see that. Calling that a Wagyu steak sandwich and charging $42 for it is so preposterous I don't think you can do anything besides laugh. The balls it takes for someone to put 4 deli slices of ham on bread and gleefully charge $42 is so cocky I don't think there's a reaction a human being can even have. And you know they can't ask for a refund because F1 weekend is for big swinging dicks. It's an expensive ass weekend, you don't want to be the poor guy asking the cashier for your money back. Just one of those times you have to laugh it off and keep it moving.

And that sandwich ain't even the half of it...I'm pretty sure you need to be a sell out media mogul to afford to attend this thing and not have to sell a kidney the next morning just to pay the bills.




Are you guy thinking the 4 lobster rolls for $450 or the $275 nachos? And obviously ending with the $245 scoop of sorbet.

Again though, to reiterate, the F1 races ain't like going to the ballpark for $5 bleacher tickets and buying a hot dog. This is a whole new enchilada. It's for the rich and the influencers. Us common folk just gotta watch from home, and if that steak sandwich is any indication, I prefer it that way.