Everything You Didn't Know Regarding The Cancellation Of Barstool Van Talk

On today's Pardon My Take… MICHAEL DAVIES! The television producer joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to preview Jeopardy! Masters, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?", Talking Soccer, and much more.

Davies also happened to be the Executive Producer for "Barstool Van Talk," (I did not know this), which was the ESPN show featuring Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter that got canceled after just one episode. Davies has been in the television business for a very long time, and he called that move one of the most surprising ones he has ever seen. Here are some more details regarding what went down at the end of "Barstool Van Talk…"

Michael Davies: There is very little that has happened in my career that has really surprised me. That was a situation where I was just entirely surprised, because the situation was just spinning out of all of our control. We were just making a show and trying to make it well, and there was a whole other situation going on that was difficult to process. I remember feeling absolutely terrible for you guys… You were silent and stunned.

Mr. Cat: Yeah

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, it sucked in the moment. In the moment, there was no worse feeling, and then we went out right afterwards, we walked out of Embassy Row, and we went down somewhere in the West Village and had some beers together. And somebody brought up the point, "If you look at this, if you zoom out a little bit, and you realize that we worked so hard to get a show on ESPN, and getting a show on ESPN, I thought at one time when I was a kid, was like the ultimate goal of anybody in sports media. And then we work so hard, we get there, and then it's canceled after one episode… if you zoom out, that's very funny. We were the Bad Boys, and we were too hot for ESPN2.

Michael Davies: Well also, yeah, it's added to the myth and to the comedy that is your podcast and is the Pardon My Take brand. It's almost better for you…

Mr. Cat: Yes.

Michael Davies. It's almost as though you fix that to happen , that you made it get canceled after one episode.

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, some of our biggest successes are in our biggest failures.

Mr. Cat: Getting canceled in that way was actually… If we had done an entire season and they're like, "The ratings suck. You guys suck," that feels so different. To have it be a situation where it gets taken from us after one episode, we can kind of play the "What If…" forever, and in our minds, we can play it out as a success, and who knows if it would have been or not.

This was a fascinating look into what happened to Mr. Cat, Mr. Commenter, and Michael Davies in the immediate aftermath of Barstool Van Talk getting canceled. You can watch the full episode here: