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This Video Of Mage's Owners Watching The Home Stretch Of The Kentucky Derby Is Everything That's Awesome About Horse Racing

This right here is the ultimate dream. Watching your horse, the one you invested in, helped train, set up for this moment catch Two Phil's down the stretch. Say what you want about the Breeders Cup and everything else, but the Kentucky Derby is the pinnacle. That's the race everyone knows. That's the race everyone points to at winning. 

I still can't believe that race. When they turned for home it looked like it was going to be Two Phil's to win. He had about a length lead. He's a damn good horse too. Not like it was some ridiculous underdog leading by a stretch that you assume will fade. But Mage had the perfect run: 

I just love this video because they are every horse guy. You need to have your saying on the stretch to get a horse home. Sure, it's not like you're the owners and a shit ton of money is at stake here. But the 'come on Bubba' with that little sound is his clear go-to. Some like a dig it. Some like to turn into a jockey and horse combo. It's all good luck and whatever feels right. Bubba was clearly the good luck call. The :19 second mark really shows it too. The moment you can see them realize they are about to win the Derby. What a feeling.

I do hope we get Mage in the Preakness, which sounds realistic: 

Mage vs Forte (and everyone else rumored to be starting there) would be one hell of a race. But for now, it's just about the Derby. Unreal run down the stretch.