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Navy Officer Who Saw a Metallic Orb UFO Over a War Zone Says He Risks Jail Time if He Comes Clean About What He Knows

Paul Campbell. Getty Images.

When we get footage of a metallic, spherical object racing across the sky above an active war zone - not the ones in this photo, mind you, but the one Kate wrote about a couple of weeks ago:

Meaning this one:

Giphy Images.

… it's a story that is not going to go away quietly and easily. We're going to keep hearing about it. No matter how uncomfortable it gets for the people in charge of limiting how much the public is told. 

Unfortunately, despite all the happy talk in Washington about a new willingness to be open and honest about what our government officials and military know, we find out today that discussing pret-tay, pret-tay important matters like unidentified metal orbs buzzing around active war zones, still comes at a cost to the ones doing the discussing:

Source - A retired Navy senior chief petty officer has said that he witnessed a metallic orb in Afghanistan similar to the one that was displayed in a video during a recent Senate hearing. 

However, due to security agreements and the fear of legal consequences, he is unable to come forward with more detailed information.

The retired Navy senior chief, whose identity continues to remain anonymous has said there is a need for a secure method for individuals to report potential unidentified flying objects (UFOs). 

'I'm going to be honest with you. I'd love to tell everything in detail, but I'm not willing to go to jail to do it,' the retired Navy senior chief told Fox News.' …

According to the retired Navy senior, he along with other military service members observed a metallic orb from above in Afghanistan in the early 2000s. 

But being constrained by security protocols it means the materials that were collected are unable to be shared and analyzed. 

'There's quite a bit of gray here, because the customer we were working for at the time retained all collected materials but I know where the bodies are buried, not necessarily where the digital data is though. I can point them in the right direction,' the Navy retiree stated. …

During last month's hearing, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of the [All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office], presented video clips but noted that the available data was insufficient to fully identify the events captured, simply describing them as 'unresolved cases.' …

Kirkpatrick said his office is currently tracking 650 cases. 

For anyone who's been burning with questions about the UAP phenomenon and feeling optimistic about the supposed new, more open approach to these incidents, this is depressing news, indeed. A retired US Navy CPO is worried about getting thrown in the brig if he tells the taxpayers and the elected officials we send our taxed to what he's seen? An actual war veteran could be locked up for speaking the truth? So much more transparency. 

Look, I understand the need for secrecy in a lot of areas of the military. The less the people who want to do us harm know about what kind of equipment, intel, and assets we have, the safer they are. But what's the concern here? Why the need for secrets over something that happened in the 2000s? Why are we supposed to sensitive about spilling some 15 year old beans? Because making our intel public will cost us the Afghan War? Unless we totally got the news wrong and misinterpreted the film of people clinging to the landing gear of cargo jets leaving the country behind, that one is long since over. 

So this probable war hero being threatened with jail if he talks - either implicity or overtly - just means we haven't moved the UFO coverup football very far forward. If at all. Either the people like Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick don't know what they're dealing with, or they do know and don't want us to know. And this whole transparency narrative is just window dressing. All we have is better video, but the threats to ruin anyone who talks about this is straight out of the same playbook they've been operating from since Roswell.