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A Longtime Stoolie Has The Strongest Neck In The World After Hauling His 100 Pound, 600 Meter Turban

Longtime Stoolie Avtar Singh Mauni has been an AWL and one of The Boys for as long as I can remember. Hell, the guy even had a Ball Dont Lie shirt. Incredible. 

More so than being around since the newspaper and Astro fans day, he has easily the most beautiful turban Ive ever seen. Look at the color, the shape, the size, and lastly the accouterments. Unreal accouterments. Have more flair if you dare. I saw this bad boy on Reddit.

There's no doubt in my mind that this turban is blog-worthy even if it's an older picture.

Im not sure if the Reddit information is accurate or not but those folks say this turban is over 100 lbs and the cloth is 640 meters. That's like 6 and a half football fields long. 

Have you ever wrapped up a kite string after letting the kite fly as high as the sun? I have and it's fucking awesome, but when are done flying you are in for a forearm workout that'll make you weep.

It's a long-ass turban otherwise known as a LAT and I respect the fuck out of it. Simple as that.