The NBA Needs To Use Their Brains When It Comes To Potentially Suspending Nikola Jokic For The Dust Up With Suns Owner Mat Ishbia

AAron Ontiveroz. Getty Images.

There were two major storylines coming as a result of the Suns massive Game 4 win over the Nuggets last night. The first being what Devin Booker is currently doing on the basketball court

I mean, there's big time stuff and then there's whatever the hell Booker is doing 


To put it simply, the Nuggets have had zero answers when it comes to slowing down Booker, and that dominance has brought the Suns back from what looked like could have been a pretty short series. What they do moving forward is going to be fascinating, because so far nothing has worked.

The other big storyline of this game of course was the dust up between Jokic and Suns owner Mat Ishbia

Why this has potential to get dicey is how things are laid out in the rules


By the letter of the law, I guess Jokic did that? Maybe they'll consider it a continuance of play? As the game ended, everyone was thinking the same thing. Would the league step in and ultimately suspend Jokic for this?

This is where I need Adam Silver and the league to use common sense. You could make the argument that the play shouldn't have even been a tech in the first place, so a suspension would be insane in my opinion. Let's not forget, the Suns owner legit grabbed and held onto the ball in the first place, but you have to go back and see how Tony Brothers talked about that play which puts a suspension potentially on the table

that highlighted part is where things can get tricky.

With the series tied 2-2, the decision around what do to about this play is rather massive. Let's not forget what happened in 2007 between the Suns and Spurs and how that decision ultimately shaped that series. Things were tied 2-2 in that series after Game 4 when Robert Horry hip checked Steve Nash into the scorers' table, Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw left the bench and got suspended for Game 5. The Spurs then won Game 5 by 3 points, and Game 6 by 8 points. It was a pretty important suspension decision if you ask me.

The same thing now exists 16 years later. Tied 2-2, nobody wants to see Jokic suspended, including the guy that was involved with the play!

So as a basketball fan, I am begging the NBA to use their brains for two seconds. Jokic got the tech, the Suns won anyway, just move on. The thing is, we can't really trust the league office to use their brains in situations like this, especially when we have no idea how they'll interpret the rule. I'm just saying it would be very lame for such a great series to be impacted by the actions of an owner and then the response to those actions by a player. 

Let this thing play out with the best guys on the floor and whoever wins so be it. That's what we all want.