C.J. Stroud, Who Seemingly Doesn't Understand How Recruiting Works, Says He Felt Disrespected That Ohio State Got Quinn Ewers In The Class After Him

Ohio State should have apparently put a two-year moratorium on recruiting quarterbacks, according to former Buckeye-turned-No. 2 overall NFL Draft pick C.J. Stroud, who said he felt "disrespected" when OSU brought in five-star Quinn Ewers in the class behind him.

Far be it from me to tell C.J. Stroud how college football works, but he does know teams need to have more than one quarterback on the roster at a time, right? Like he said in that video, Justin Fields was the starter when Stroud got to Columbus. I can't imagine Fields felt "disrespected" by the Buckeyes getting another talented quarterback to compete for the job and take over when Fields was done.

What does Stroud want Ryan Day to do, not get the best quarterback he can to appease his current starter and be in a worse position when he leaves? And as we see with Ewers — as well as quarterbacks on every team in the country — guys transfer all the time now. You need to have multiple guys in your quarterback room that you feel good about playing at all times.


This just seems like an odd comment. I get that athletes are always looking for any source of motivation and all that, this just makes it look like Stroud doesn't really understand how college football programs work.

I'd say it all turned out fine for him in the end.