People Think This British Man With A Wig And Glasses Was Actually Meghan Markle Crashing King Charles' Coronation In Disguise

Nothing screams “disguise” like a wig, glasses and a mustache.

Some Twitter users are convinced that Meghan Markle showed up to Saturday’s coronation of King Charles III in disguise, despite her staying in California with children Archie and Lilibet.

Keen observers took particular notice of one standout guest among the crowd of 2,200 at Westminster Abbey, arguing that the attendee looked like he was covering up his identity.

One person even suggested it could be the Duchess of Sussex, 41, sneaking her way into the event.

“[Meghan], you’re not fooling us…” they wrote on Twitter.

Someone else joked it was “Snowpiercer” actress Tilda Swinton, 62, “deep in character.”

An entire weekend went by with a Coronation happening over in England and while I waited up every night for something exciting to happen, I was left disappointed. I don't think I even saw a clip of any of the celebs performing on Sunday night. All in all, an extremely lame, uneventful weekend. 

Despite all this, we have the rumor mills RUNNING as fast as they can to accuse this....very British looking man of being "Meghan Markle in disguise." Big time "That's not your mother, that's a MAN" vibes


We all of course know Meghan wasn't even in the UK, she was at home in California celebrating her son's birthday. I love a good scandal. I admire the persistence of this never ending hate agenda these Anti Meghan FREAKS have going on. Another tier of delusion that I never thought this world would reach, and here we are. 

Wouldn't it be fucking HILARIOUS if it WAS actually Meghan though? This girl wants to seize any opportunity to play a role, she's more than happy to be "disgruntled member of the British court #45" and throw on an ill fitting rug and some 80s Jeffery Dahmer transition lenses. I needed Austin Powers to stand up in the audience and rip this guy's wig off, just to prove a point either way.