You Be The Judge: Who Is The Bigger Lunatic? The Woman Who Stole 20 Boxes Of Body Parts And Sold Them Or The Guy Who Spent Over $10K Buying Them?

RONALDO SCHEMIDT. Getty Images. - An Arkansas woman has pleaded not guilty to charges she stole body parts from medical school cadavers and sold them through Facebook for $11,000.

Candace Chapman Scott, a 36-year-old former mortuary services worker, is accused of selling 20 boxes of everything from human skin to skulls to a man in Pennsylvania, according to a federal grand jury indictment unsealed by a Little Rock court on Friday.

Scott was charged with 12 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud and interstate transportation of stolen property. A lawyer representing her did not immediately return a phone call from NPR requesting comment.

According to court documents, Scott worked for a company that offered commercial cremation services. One of their clients was an anatomy lab at the University of Arkansas, which used donated cadavers for medical education and research.

After one of the company's scheduled pickup days, she messaged the owner of a Facebook group, explaining how she acquired the corpses. Named Oddities, the private Facebook group contains about 380 members and bills itself as "a safe way to shop."

"I follow your page and work and LOVE it," Scott wrote to the owner, according to the indictment. "Just out of curiosity, would you know anyone in the market for a fully in tact [sic], embalmed brain?"

Anyone else absolutely creeped out? Holy hell what world do we live in? Stealing body parts? 20 Boxes? At what point do you bring home the 12th box of BODY PARTS and say to yourself, "Maybe this is enough." What lead this woman to a path of crime involving of all things BODY PARTS??!!?! 

I'm absolutely amazed at so much of this. What made her decide that these were the goods she wanted to be a thief of? Vintage toys? No… Rare paintings? No thanks. She wanted to be the one to steal body parts. Lunacy. 

Now off of that, once she decided body parts were going to be the things she stole, how did she learn that there would be a market for them to be sold? Also is that a market of people you want to associate with? Wouldn't you be completely weirded out every time you spoke to them on the phone? Totally insane. In most cases, she would hands down be the biggest lunatic of this story. Like 99/100 times. Then you read into it more and learn about some of the people who bought this stuff. 

Scott sent pictures of two brains and a heart. The man offered $1,200 via PayPal, and gave Scott pointers on how to ship the three organs to him in Enola, Penn., via the U.S. postal service.

Over the course of the next nine months, Scott proceeded to ship the man an ear, an arm, lungs, livers, kidneys, hands, breasts, penises, fetuses, skin, skulls and one whole human head. In exchange, he paid her $10,975 in 16 separate PayPal transfers. Each time, Scott returned the rest of the remains, cremated, to the school.

The indictment does not name the buyer, but separate state charges connect the case to Pennsylvania resident Jeremy Lee Pauley, age 40.

Pauley was charged by a Cumberland County criminal court with four counts of receiving stolen property, intending to participate in unlawful activity and abusing a corpse. Pauley's lawyer did not immediately return NPR's request for comment.

Police were tipped off to Pauley's purchases in June 2022, according to a press release announcing his arrest.

I should have addressed this before, but 380 members being in a Facebook group about "Oddities" and claiming it as "a safe way to shop" should be enough to put them all on a watchlist. Of that group of looney tunes, one stood out and bought over 10k worth of body parts. What a lunatic! Look at that list. Hands, lungs, penises! Dude come on …  Skin, an entire human head! Holy hell ! What world do we live in?!?

I can't make up my mind on who is the bigger lunatic in this story. I can see a case for the seller, but I'm honestly leaning to the buyer. Not that I condone it, but the stealer at least made money (illegally), this maniac put $10k out of his own pocket to buy OTHER PEOPLE'S SKIN AND PENISES!!!!!! That guy has to be the biggest maniac of this story. HAS TO BE. But if fairness of a vote, I am open to hear the arguments against it. I think the one thing no one can argue here is these two people are absolute WACKJOBS!!!