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Jokic Is Being A Bitch About Protecting Players When He Provoked The Whole Incident With The Suns Owner Last Night

If you were living under a rock last night this is what happened in the Nuggets Suns game. Players went flying into the crowd and somehow Jokic inserted himself and not trying to help any of the players that went into the crowd. So last night he said this... 

I am not sure if Jokic knows this but there are cameras at the NBA games and you can look at this stuff. If you watch the whole video the Suns owner didn't do anything. 

When you watch the full clip the ball landed in the Suns owners hands, he was looking out for all the people that a collision just happened to and Jokic had to insert himself and try and take the ball from him. The owner was going to give the ball back but Jokic was being a hardo and ripped it away from him then elbowed him first. He probably should have been thrown out of the game. I personally like that he didn't and just got a technical but he is being kind of a bitch saying that the fan touched him first. Mat Ishibia is the Suns owner and he also played for Tom Izzo, so you knew he knows how to flop at any second of every day. 

When it comes down to it, fans for sure shouldn't be that close to the players and there should be more room off the court when players are running 100 MPH they shouldn't have to jump over camera people. But it's been like this forever and this was completely on Jokic. Stop being a bitch and complaining after you were the reason this happened.