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Suns Owner Mat Ishbia Had An All Time Flop After Getting Into A Dust Up With Nikola Jokic

Well that's certainly not something you see every day. What a moment in the final few minutes of this awesome Game 4 with so much on the line. When this all happened in real time, it looked like we might have another player/fan situation on our hands. Once everyone sort of realized what happened and who it was, things got so much better.

That's not a fan, that's the Suns new owner Mat Ishbia! How about the dedication and gamesmanship to hold onto the ball? That's the type of impact you want from your new owner. Not only did he buy the team and immediately trade for Kevin Durant, but now he's making plays in huge playoff games in an attempt to help his team win. Robert Sarver never did either of those things last time I checked.

We have to mention the flop. That was an all time flop as a way to try and get Jokic kicked out. If you aren't grifting you aren't trying I'm afraid, and that's just what playoff basketball brings out of people. You try and win by any means necessary. Once things settled down Jokic was given a tech which is whatever, but the fan side you can't exactly kick out the owner, so unfortunately his buddy had to take the bullet. That's tough, but probably understood when you're in those seats/in that circle. Billionaires have fall guys and sadly that fella has to watch the game from some sort of suite or something. 

The Suns take a 2 point lead into the break at 63-61 as they try and prevent falling into a 3-1 hole, and who knows, maybe their owner showing some guts and laying it all on the line will give them an energy boost to close this win out.