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Micah Parsons Is Obsessed With Philly Sports And Showed Up To The 76ers Game In A Tyrese Maxey Jersey

The Cowboys are supposed to be rivals with the Eagles. I don't care if you are friends with someone on the Sixers, you cannot show up wearing anything Philly if you are a Cowboy. If I saw one of my best players on my team repping the city that we hate, it would piss me off. 

Also everyone remembers how pissed off Parsons was about the Eagles picking Jalen Carter by saying how great of a pick it was. 

Stop complimenting the enemy. Fans hate this shit and players should see where they are coming from. You can go to the game but you don't have to wear the jersey of the rival city. I truly think Micah is just trying to tell everyone that he wants to play for the Eagles, but at this point it is getting ridiculous.