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WATCH: Bodyslams In Boxing, Raccoon Boy Eating Trash, Shizzat Arrested... Chaos In The RNR Crowd

Only 1 episode left of REF N' ROBBIE before we get to Rough N' Rowdy 21 this Friday night. This Thursday we'll be covering the Top 5 Weigh-In moments, where I should be prominently featured since I am the best goddamn host they've ever had for that madness. The security has been increased since we nearly lost Frank The Tank at the RNR19 weigh-ins and I'm sure that moment will make the list. 

We'll also be doing an overall preview of the RNR21 card and breaking down a few of the #1 contender matchups. If you didn't know, West Virginia will be approving 5 round main events starting on July 1st. That means our August PPV is gonna be loaded with the most intense title fights RNR has ever seen. Likely approaching Bloodsport levels. I'm already working on my stamina to make it through 5 rounds as a ref, don't forget we are the real heroes out there. 

Catch up on previous episodes below and check out the RNR21 matchup thread too. There are some real monsters and true brawlers on this card, I'm expecting pure unadulterated violence from the jump. Don't miss watching live on May 12th. BuyRNR.com