The Oilers And Golden Knights Were Throwing Fists All Over The Place As Tempers Erupted In Edmonton's Blowout Win

David Becker. Getty Images.

Any and all fights between the Golden Knights and Oilers should cease after whomever runs Edmonton's Twitter feed just ethered Vegas in front of everyone online.

But no, that's not what we're here for. We're here for FIGHTS. Straight-up premeditated battery on a hockey rink in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Frustrations boiling over because the Knights got embarrassed in their own arena as the Oilers tied up the series 1-1 in emphatic fashion. A couple goals by Connor McDavid, a couple by Leon Draisaitl and one hell of a dominant display by the visiting club sent Vegas and its fans spiraling once the fisticuffs started flying.

First we had a set of skirmishes near the end of the second period when the outcome was already well decided.

First we see Oilers defenseman Brett Kulak and Knights forward Brett Howden getting into it. THEN, as you might've inferred just by reading the headline, Evander Kane was at the epicenter of the biggest brawl. You know, doing Evander Kane-type shit.


Props to this Vegas lady for going after Kane, who simply wasn't having any of it as he skated away:

Hahaha, this lady is featured in the photo at the top of this blog for a reason. Instant classic. IMPORTANT UPDATE on that by the way!!

That image pretty much captures how most folks feel about Evander Kane anyway, right? Although maybe she'd feel differently if he were on her team of choice.


IN ANY EVENT, we were not done!! Jawing in the sin bin is always a delightful scene to take in, especially once a lengthy rap sheet of penalties have been issued.

You gotta love it. Playoff hockey, folks. Emotions are through the damn roof.

Darnell Nurse fucked around and decided to rub it in the Knights' faces even more deep into the third period.

…You can guess where this is going.


Gotta share the laundry list of penalties from the final two periods here. 

Final PIM count: EDM - 54 / VGK - 70

Giphy Images.

Unclear if the Oilers are now rent-free in Vegas' heads with the series headed back to Edmonton or if this is the type of shit that'll fire the Knights up to rally back and steal Game 3 on the road. Could really go either way. 

Between how amazing Draisaitl has been playing this postseason and McDavid ripping off his sixth multi-point game in a row, Vegas better tighten it up from here on out. Otherwise, Edmonton could be through to the Conference Finals for the second straight year in short order.

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