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HUGE NEWS: Bronny James Commits To Play College Basketball At USC

Wowwwwww there it is!!! Bronny James is headed to USC! With offers from Memphis and Ohio State also in hand, Bronny ultimately chose the Trojans.

What a freaking time to be alive for USC folks. You've got Lincoln Riley and Caleb Williams restoring the tradition of your powerhouse football program. Now you get the son of LeBron James coming to your school to send interest in your men's basketball situation through the fucking roof.

As a 5-star recruit, the No. 5 combo guard in the country and the 21st-ranked overall prospect per 247Sports' composite rankings, Bronny's stock has continued to climb throughout his time at Sierra Canyon in LA. With his father in the midst of his 20th NBA season on the Lakers, it makes sense for Bronny to stay close to home so he has all the training, resources and guidance from his roundball royalty bloodline nearby.

LeBron has a long-standing promise to play with Bronny once he reaches the NBA. That was long considered a big, fat "if" but now it's to the point where Bronny might actually be a borderline lottery pick on his own merits. Thanks to a stellar prep career, a solid all-around game featuring stout defense, improving shooting and playmaking ability, the younger James has not looked out of place against the best competition the nation has to offer:

When you factor in how LeBron is essentially a package deal with his son, we could see Bronny's NBA Draft stock shoot to the moon following a likely one-and-done stint at USC. That's going to be some of the craziest shit ever if it comes to pass. Because of LeBron's presumed arrival alongside Bronny, you'd almost have to consider him if you're at the top of the draft even with superior individual prospects available.

This is gonna be a hell of a ride for the Trojans. All eyes have been on Bronny from a very young age and he's lived up and even exceeded the hype at every turn. A lot of people wrote him off early as a product of nepotism who'd be exposed as a pedestrian player at some point. That seems to have only fueled Bronny's fire and gotten him in prime position to not only shine in college, but to be a solid NBA player someday down the road.

Buckle up, everyone. Bronny's headed to USC. CAN'T WAIT. Wonder what Skip Bayless thinks about all this.

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