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This 135 lb Fighter Has HIGH Potential To Land Another Knockout + Backflip Combo

If you're gonna call me bias because he has an A+ Darth Vader tattoo, go right ahead. But STARVIN Marvin Workman is one fighter I really have my eye on for RNR21. I would say he's a quiet (3-0) at RNR but he has some pretty impressive victories

Only a select few fighters have ever hit the elusive KO + BACKFLIP combo and it's been pure electricity 100% of the time it happens. Also doesn't hurt that the #1 slogan for STARVIN is: 

"I don't give a fuck about anything"

How can you defeat a man with nothing to lose? I'd be pretty worried right now if I was THE IRISH ASSHOLE

But you never truly know which way a RNR brawl is gonna end up. That's the beauty of tuning in! I'll likely be pulling for Darth Starvin but if an upset happens so be it. That's just the way of the Force. Find out who wins this Friday night on BuyRNR.com along with 20 other fights + ring girl contest + who knows what else. 

Also can't wait to see who moves on in the LOSER RETIRES main event between THE NINJA & SHIZZAT DA RIZZAT. Gonna be 3 hours of pure mayhem on May 12th. Watch on BuyRNR.com