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Ed Sheeran Performed On Top Of His Car In The Middle Of New York City And Can't Stop Singing After He Won His Lawsuit

I love seeing videos like this because if you aren't from New York, you probably dream of coming and seeing something like this happening. What they don't show is half the people on that street are probably fucking pissed that they can't get by. Honking and screaming because they could give a fuck who you are in New York. I think it is cool as shit and it is really funny to see how much he is dunking on his court case in NY because he dropped an album and is going viral every two seconds now that he won. 

I am more worried about the top of the car. I feel like they should be much harder and when a skinny bastard like Ed Sheeran is denting the top of cars I feel like that's a problem. If I could sing or had any talent I would do this shit all the time. Like if an NBA player goes to the park and plays with trash people, they go viral in two seconds. You stop everyone in SoHo and sing on top of a car boom, immediately 3 million views. Thats why I think it is so easy to be famous these days. You can just do whatever us normal folk do and we're all like "Wow he is so down to earth!".

I mean look at this scene:

You can't even hear what he is singing if you are that deep in that mass of humanity. I want to talk to some people that were there or trying to pass by because they would be so fucking mad. But I still think this is cool as shit too.