Chris Brown And His Crew Allegedly Beat Up Usher Outside Of The Roller Rink Where Usher Was Throwing Chris Brown A 34th Birthday Party

XXL - Chris Brown and his crew reportedly fought Usher at his own 34th birthday party in Las Vegas last night.

Details are scarce, but according to a report on Hollywood Unlocked, published on Saturday (May 6), Chris Brown and his crew reportedly jumped Usher outside of Skate Rock City in Las Vegas on Friday night (May 5). Breezy was at the venue for his surprise 34th birthday party organized and hosted by Usher, himself.

According to a source, the celebrity-filled birthday party was going well until Chris Brown reportedly acted rudely toward singer-actress Teyana Taylor for unknown reasons. The insider observed that Brown appeared to be "visibly drunk" when he started interacting with her.

A few guests and Usher tried to intervene but at some point, according to the source, Brown called the "Confessions" singer a "coward" and left the party. The drama escalated outside the venue onto Brown's bus when Usher confronted the singer about his behavior.

The source told Hollywood Unlocked that a physical altercation occurred between the two men with Usher leaving the tour bus with a "bloodied nose."

Chris Brown's ability to stay relevant, and for the most part uncancelled despite SO MANY allegations against him is truly impressive. I don't know how he's done it. I doesn't make a lick of sense. We see people get cancelled for everything nowadays. How Chris Brown has managed to skate by is beyond me. Here are just a handful of things Chris Brown has allegedly done.

  • Assaulted Rihanna. Pictures and everything (2009)
  • Angrily stormed off the stage of Good Morning America, and shattered a dressing room window with a chair (2011)
  • Dressed as a terrorist for Halloween (2012)
  • Fought Drake at a nightclub (2012)
  • Punched Frank Ocean (2013)
  • Arrested for felony assault (2013)
  • Kicked out of rehab for "violent behavior" (2014)
  • Assaulted a different woman, a Brazilian model (2016)
  • Pointed a gun at a woman while in his home, proceeded to get in a 9 hour standoff with the police (2016)
  • Bought an illegal monkey, was permanently banned from owning primates (2018)
  • Accused of rape (2019)
  • Accused of hitting a woman (2021)
  • Accused of sexual assault (2022)

However, despite all of that, Chris Brown continues coming out relatively unscathed. At least unscathed enough for his friends to throw him a celebrity packed 34th Birthday Party. 


Usher himself threw a whole ass roller skating party for Chris Brown and sang him a whole ass Happy Birthday song, which is about the most wholesome thing I've ever heard. The party was a who's who of "oh yeah I've heard of that person I think they're an R&B singer or something." It looked fantastic. I would have loved to be there. But since it's Chris Brown, everything went off the rails (allegedly).

Videos are still coming out (kind of), and unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) nobody managed to document the incident of Chris Brown's team "jumping Usher in the parking lot". It all allegedly stemmed from this altercation between Chris Brown and Usher, where Usher was upset at Chris Brown for disrespecting Teyana Taylor.


There has not yet been a video of the alleged jumping, but multiple witnesses claim that the incident definitely occurred. And for what it's worth, Teyana Taylor has unfollowed Chris Brown on Instagram.

Again, the whole thing is still alleged, but it definitely seems like a "when there's smoke there's fire" situation. Regardless, I'm sure nothing will come of this, because a decade ago society came to the conclusion that Chris Brown gets a free pass for some reason. 

Not that I'm advocating for someone to be cancelled. I realize that's probably what this blog sounds like. But you can't be jumping somebody who just threw you a roller rink birthday party. That's a bridge too far. Although when you consider the list of Chris Brown's past transgressions, jumping Usher probably doesn't even rank in the top 10 of most problematic things he's done. I look forward to seeing what happens next year when Chris Brown has his 35th birthday party at the zoo.