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Love This Move By The Lakers Jarred Vanderbilt Who Got Called Out By A Store For Returning His Outfit After Wearing It On TV

Nice guy, but...bought 2k worth of clothes Monday. This outfit specifically. Wore it to tunnel and post game Tuesday then returned it yesterday. I wasn't at the store and someone took the return. Lord knows why.. Obviously used clothing. Mayn if I didn't have a reason to hate The Lakers and root for Home turf now I have more reason...

As my Slovenian step-dad would say, "that's just a good old fashioned Slovenian money saver move." I have zero clue what the actually numbers say but I would bet more than 50% of people have pulled this move. Personally, I have done it a ton of times so I'm 100% on Vanderbilt's side here.

Purchasing an outfit or item of clothing for an event and returning it after the event is not only a smart financial choice but a smart social choice. We live in a god forsaken social media era where every moment of every event is documented somewhere. For Vanderbilt, the outfit was shown at an NBA game on national television. For you, it was your college buddy Craig's wedding where you are in the video visibly shit faced and doing the running man way too aggressively on the dance floor. 

You obviously can't be seen wearing that outfit again. Talk about a fashion faux pas.

And if we're being 100% honest there is nothing about this outfit that should cost $2,000. If he had kept it I would say he is a fucking idiot.

A bowling shirt, corduroy capris, a wife beater, and some white sox cost a couple racks these days? Thanks a lot Biden.

My one concern here is that corduroy does not breathe well and NBA players are known sweaters. I bet the crotch of those pants smelled like someone left a bowl of cereal in a hot car all day. 

Giphy Images.

If you're going to pull this caper everyone knows you can't take back clothes that are carrying your stank. So I'm hoping Jarred hit those boys with some Febreeze before he hit the customer service line. Otherwise he might be breaking the Geneva Convention unleashing that chemical weapon on some poor minimum wage retail worker. 

Returning this JC Penny looking ass outfit was always the move. Vanderbilt has just one year left on his $13 Million contract and until he signs that next big deal he's tightening the belt and watching how he spends his cash. And kudos to him for that. 

James Harden wears the most ridiculous shit you have ever seen and there is no way he returns any of that crap. Do you think it's any coincidence that Harden has a combined +/- of -23 this series while Vanderbilt's is just -2? Of course not. One man knows how to limit the depreciation of value while the other walks around looking like this and passing up open layups.


And I'm not hating on the JNCO Jeans. I too was a man with big dreams and even bigger pant legs once. If you put on some 311 and throw me a pair of Jncos, some roller blades, and a half pipe I'd show you exactly what the year 1996 looked like in my neighborhood. And it fucking ruled.

In a world of James Hardens be a Jarred Vanderbilt. Return those clothes after you wear them. Save the cash for retirement and let that taint sweat be the next man's problem.