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So Far The Most Exciting Thing To Happen At The Coronation Of King Charles Is Katy Perry Having A Hard Time Finding Her Seat

I wish I was exaggerating when I tell you that this is the most interesting thing that has happened over at King Charles' coronation today. 30 seconds of Katy Perry looking for her seat. 


One of the few celebrity performers who agreed to show up for Charles, along with Lionel Richie (maybe he's a big American Idol fan?)

I stayed up until 5am to watch Camilla walk her marionette Charles into his big throne chair and finally become King and Queen. It took roughly an eternity for them to get to Westminster Abbey, and all in all I'd say everything about this day has been dull. 


I was interested by the protestors though, and shocked that the news kept showing them. People hate Charles, people hate the Monarchy, a little rain isn't going to keep them away from shouting their feelings into the void. 

Meanwhile, Kate and Charlotte are slaying the house down with these SHARP looks:

More to come throughout the night! Who knows what will happen! I predict a lot more BORING SHIT!