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Joel Embiid Breaking Down And Crying When Holding His Son During His MVP Speech Belongs On Every Highlight Reel

What a moment for Joel, man. You think about the kid who got drafted here to Philly. You think about how much he's grown and matured along the way. I mean, sure, he still has a little ways to go. But once Joel became a father, you could tell all of this meant just a little more to him. Not because he wants to win for himself. But because he wants to make sure Arthur is proud of him. 

And what a moment for Arthur to have to look back at later in his life. 

Just some beautiful shit right there. Some things are bigger than sports. However, there are still some sports to be played tonight. And it just seems like it would be the most disrespectful thing in the world if the Celtics ruined this night by winning game 3. So unless they're the biggest assholes on planet Earth, they let Embiid put up a 50 burger tonight on the way to the Sixers taking a 2-1 series lead. 

P.S. -- Jason Kelce ringing the bell. Bryce Harper getting a massive ovation across the street at Citizens Bank Park. The vibes are simply too high right now to lose this game. Do the damn thing.