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Dexter Lawrence Celebrated His $90 Million Extension The Smart And Sensible Way .... By Playing A Whole Lot Of NBA2k

Yesterday Dexter Lawrence signed this massive extension. Great news. He's awesome. Plus it makes that Odell trade worth it even more since this was a pick that came back. Can't have a guy like that walk. Not when Wink is hanging around these parts with his sweet red gloves. But $60 million guaranteed is a ton of money. Some people might go crazy. Go buy a car, a house, celebrate. 

But Dexter Lawrence got wild by playing some 2k: 

That's exactly what I want to hear. You can't get injured playing 2k. You can't do anything stupid while playing 2k unless you throw your controller. Luckily, Lawrence can afford that these days. I need to know who he plays with. It better be the Knicks. You're a Giant for the long run now. You gotta support the Knicks. Plus the Knicks are good. The key is having a guard that can shoot and be fun to play with. May I remind you about Jalen Brunson?

Not to mention 2k is a way better game than Madden. Sure the myplayer thing gets weird and you have some absurd storylines. But it's a better game than Madden. Madden peaked years ago and never got any better. Now it's time to being that DT we need.