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Complaining Works! College Hoops Is Actually Trying Something Smart By Looking At Changing The Charge Rule + Letting Players Wear 69


Okay, first thing first - players wearing number 69 is going to be a thing. It also might bring Drew Timme back for his last year. If we're power ranking players to wear number 69 it's a clear top 2: Drew Timme and Hunter Dickinson. A 69 Kansas Hunter Dickinson jersey will be sold so fast. It's also dumb college kids who will 100% find it hilarious to wear number 69. Big fan of this.

But that's not the point. That's just funny. The point is complaining works. The NCAA is actually using a brain and looking at changing the charge rule. You know, something that people have screamed about being broken? Yeah, it needs to be changed immediately. It's the worst thing in the world. 

[Source] - Under the recommendation, a defender would have to be in position to draw a charge at the time an offensive player plants his foot to go airborne to attempt a field goal. If the defender arrives after the offensive player plants a foot to launch toward the basket, officials would be instructed to call a block when contact occurs between the two players. 

A secondary defender still would have to be outside the restricted-area arc to legally draw a charge.

Currently, defenders must be in position to draw a charge before the offensive player goes airborne. 

We're not talking about getting rid of offensive fouls. There's a difference between lowering your shoulder and hitting someone, arm extension, that sort of stuff. Anyone who watches college basketball complains about the charge where a guy is sliding over from a secondary position, holds his balls and fall down. That + what they are talking about here. The late slide where there's nothing the offensive player can do because they are planted and in the air and they still call a charge. It's ruining the sport. Not transfers, not NIL, refs who bust a nut to put their hand behind their back and punch the air. 

Everything about this is logical. Not just the charge bullshit too. But the fact that timeouts will get wasted if a coach requests a review of an out of bounds call and it doesn't get overturned. Yes. End of games are long enough with all the fouls. Now it's even worse with all the replays. I'm for getting it right, but let's stop wasting time to review it for 2 minutes. Don't like it, timeout wasted. Good. I still think replays should be 30 seconds max. If you can't see a clear call in that 30 seconds, call on the court stands. 

Make all of this happen. Can't wait to see a guard wearing number 69.