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Good Guy Messi: Apologizes For PSG Suspension, Explains He Couldn't Cancel Saudi Arabia Trip Because He Already Canceled It Once

This right here is all you need to know about Messi. He didn't want to cancel for a second time. That's called being a good person. That's called how you become a star and keep star power. Do you know how bad it'd look if he canceled twice? Plus, he thought he'd have an off day. Nothing to see here as far as I'm concerned. Nothing fishy. Nothing about him potentially going to Saudi Arabia for a $400 million contract. Nope. Just can't cancel twice. 

Not to mention, everyone should understand once a trip is organized it's locked in stone. You ever deal with someone who has an itinerary? Good luck skipping something on there because there will be hell to pay if you do. Simple mistake. How else would Messi not know they wouldn't have a day off? He's out here dealing with fans booing him and protesting him. I wouldn't want to hang around either. 

But facts are facts now. He's still going to leave PSG at the end of the season. This might be the most sincere apology I've ever seen: 

Not at all forced or a PR move. Just a genuine apology and a 100% truthful and reasonable excuse.