In A Surprising Twist, LeBron James Will Not Be Lying When He Eventually Says That He Always Knew Steph Curry Was Going To Be A Problem In The NBA

Ezra Shaw. Getty Images.

One of the funniest trends in the NBA is how LeBron cannot stop lying about shit. It doesn't matter what it is, that man loves to blatantly lie without remorse



Part of what makes these lies so funny is how unnecessary they are. There's legitimately no need to do it, yet time and time again LeBron can't help himself. It's been that way his entire career.

And yet, as crazy as it seems, when we one day hear from LeBron about how he always knew Steph Curry was going to be a problem, it actually won't be a lie

Now, whether you think he meant what he said in that clip is a different story, but I have to admit when I first saw that video I thought it was pretty crazy. If you don't remember all the way back to the Sweet 16 in 2008, this is the game LeBron is talking about


Steph went for 33/3/4 with 4 steals on 11-22 (6-11) shooting carrying Davison to the 73-56 win over the #3 seed Wisconsin. Many consider that performance the Steph Curry coming out party, and it came after he dropped 40 against Gonzaga and 30 against Georgetown. Boy does that feel like another lifetime ago.

As it turns out, LeBron was pretty on the money when it came to Steph's game and what he was going to be able to do in the league. While I don't think he was ready for the fact that Steph would change the game forever, he seems to have had a fairly successful basketball career in the NBA. From when he was drafted to last night where he flipped the script and had maybe the best passing postseason passing game of his career

Sadly, the Lakers are most likely going to learn the same lesson that both the Celtics and now the Kings have learned. They had their chance to go up 2-0 on the Warriors and return home for Game 3, really putting the pressure on GS. Instead, they got blown out, AD didn't show up, and now the Warriors are riding momentum into LA. A chance to get closer to burying this team was wasted, and historically that basically never works out well for you. 

Nobody knows that better than LeBron I imagine, because as you saw he's known what Steph was capable of long before he ever stepped on an NBA court.