Ump Show: Rays Pitcher Zach Eflin Was Told He Had To Take His Wedding Ring Off Or He’d Be Ejected

We talk a lot about how serious umpires take their job and this is a perfect example of that. Rays righty Zach Eflin was on the mound yesterday and was cruising. 10 Ks on the day, hell of an outing for ole Zachy. But at some point the umpires made their way to the mound and told Eflin that he would have to take his wedding ring off. He obviously said no because that's a ridiculous request. They said if he didn’t take it off he’d be ejected. 

A bit much if you ask me, especially when you realize that the ring is on his glove hand. He isn’t wearing the rubber band on his throwing hand….it’s covered by his glove. He put up a good fight but lost and took the ring off so he could remain in the game. He definitely got some points at home though for arguing like he did. Guy just wanted to wear it out of respect for his wife. Can’t hate that.

Is it worth it to the umpires to make a big stink about this? Threatening to kick a starting pitcher out of the game because he’s wearing his wedding ring underneath his glove is one of the weirder threats I’ve ever heard. Guess MLB umpires aren’t down with marriage. 

And don’t say it’s a safety thing. We‘ve all heard stories (rumors) about a guy playing basketball with his ring on getting it caught in the net on a dunk and the finger’s skin being peeled back like a carrot. This isn’t the same because THE RING, FINGER, AND HAND ARE IN A GLOVE! Umpires are a special breed of asshole who truly believe that have to show off all their power because they can.