WATCH: Biker Brawl Breaks Out On Dirty 6th Street In Austin

I'm not certain, but I am pretty sure this happens once a week on 6th St in Austin. 

The place is as close as you can get to the old "wild wild west" these days I feel like. Walking down there, after you cross Congress you don't know if you're gonna get stabbed, propositioned for sex, get in a gun fight, or meet the girl of your dreams. It's craziness.

As somebody who very recently got snaked from behind, knocked out cold, and beaten senseless, fight videos like this make me cringe in a new way now. 

Especially bullshit by scumbags like this guy 

Regardless, I haven't seen a crew of bikers get tuned up like that since Sonny, Coffee Cake, and the boys had their way with them in the Bronx.

But man, when I saw the crystal clear high-definition quality, and tight shots this cameraman got on this video from Austin, I had no choice but to share it on the blog. 

Also, any time I can reference Black Biker week in a blog, I'm taking it. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

p.s. - fuck Bob Duato